Welcome to ANC Group of Companies

With a motive to serve the community and make it a better place for generations to come, ANC Group of Companies was formed under the guidance and vision of Mr.AN.Chockalingam in 2006.In a short span of time, this forward-looking company has carved a niche for itself into variety of areas in this demanding and dynamic Country. A great deal of thought goes into planning every single project that we undertake, so that it reaches the community and is used for their betterment.

ANC Group of Companies has various businesses under its umbrella, headquartered in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Major companies of the group include

  • Compact Spinners India Pvt Ltd
  • Dunag Hotels International Pvt Ltd
  • ANCIT Consulting
  • ANC Hospitality

ANC Group of Companies believes not only in value-added business but also in discharging its responsibilities to various sections of society and in providing opportunities to learn, contribute, advance; recognise and reward initiative, innovativeness and creativity. As part of this initiative the group is involved in social projects including

  • Nachammai Achi Arakattalai – Old Age Home
  • Sona Kalyana Mandapam
  • Sona Play School